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Re: (無題)

 投稿者:047 gukki~  投稿日:2011年 9月20日(火)13時37分30秒
  > No.71[元記事へ]

tanaka ryutaさんへのお返事です。

That's great!
I would like to go Australia to study English!

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:tanaka  投稿日:2011年 9月20日(火)11時48分53秒
  > No.95[元記事へ]

135 tanaka yukiさんへのお返事です。

>I went to driving shcool too.

Re: High school baseball

 投稿者:tanaka  投稿日:2011年 9月20日(火)11時45分51秒
  > No.123[元記事へ]

072 Hirai Akinoriさんへのお返事です。

I like baseball .
So I envy your job.

Re: summer vcation

 投稿者:tanaka  投稿日:2011年 9月20日(火)11時44分3秒
  > No.124[元記事へ]

Ibata Makiさんへのお返事です。

I went to sea too.

Re: summer vcation

 投稿者:167shota  投稿日:2011年 9月18日(日)10時59分36秒
  > No.124[元記事へ]

Ibata Makiさんへのお返事です。

That's sounds good.
Sea is very nice.

Re: September 6~10

 投稿者:167shota  投稿日:2011年 9月18日(日)10時55分32秒
  > No.125[元記事へ]

Ibata Makiさんへのお返事です。

That's sounds great.

Camp is very good.

Re: Septemver 14

 投稿者:167 shota  投稿日:2011年 9月18日(日)10時11分9秒
  > No.126[元記事へ]

Ibata Makiさんへのお返事です。

You were very busy.

But part time job is precious experience.

New Homework

 投稿者:さとー from PCメール  投稿日:2011年 9月18日(日)09時02分30秒
  Hi Class!
Thanks for writing about your summer holidays!

Your new homework is as follow:
Read the COMMENTS (not the diaries) your classmates wrote and choose the best one. In the next class (21th), you are supposed to talk and write which comment you chose and WHY you thought it was the best one.
Have a nice 3-renkyu!


Septemver 14

 投稿者:Ibata Maki  投稿日:2011年 9月18日(日)01時00分4秒
  I worked part-time from noon to night and did a drinking session with my parttimer companions.
Because summer vacation was very busy, we did the fatigue party.
I talked with a senior and the younger who could not usually talk and I heard a lot of work contents and privates.
It was very fun and was studied.
I came to like more parttimers

September 6~10

 投稿者:Ibata Maki  投稿日:2011年 9月18日(日)00時39分21秒
  A camp began on 6th in the summer.
We went to Kochi on a bus from night.
I was not able to sleep in the bus very much.
I practiced as lack of sleep.
The camp practiced from morning to the evening.
there was a drinking session after dinner and could speak it with seniors
It was great and fun.
There were BBQ and the fireworks and took my ease and was good.

summer vcation

 投稿者:Ibata Maki  投稿日:2011年 9月18日(日)00時24分29秒
  August 4
I went to a sea with friends of a club.
So it was fun very much!
I tanned and my skin of my back peeled off very much....
I don't like a sea but I went there with them and I become to like a sea!
It became the good memory of the summer vacation

High school baseball

 投稿者:072 Hirai Akinori  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)23時56分23秒
  August 4-20
I worked near the Koshien Studium.
The contents of job is selling goods of baseball.
The job is very hard!

OB mutch

 投稿者:072 Hirai Akinori  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)23時44分42秒
  July 31
I went to Ashiya high school.
I was a member of rugby club.
OB mutch was helded there.
It was very fun,but very tired.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:158 yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)23時09分22秒
  > No.116[元記事へ]

156 Shiho さんへのお返事です。

I think so, too!
Part time job is very hard but,it is good experience and will be beneficial to me in the future.



 投稿者:158 yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)22時56分29秒
  September 10

There was a game of the lacrosse of Kobe Jyogakuin versus Kinki University.
I am a manager of girls lacrosse culb.
Before this game, I was very nervous beaouse I heard that Kinki University defeated by Kobe Jyogakuin last year.
But,our team won the game one point lead!
I was very glad!
Tomorrow, there is big game that our team versus Kanseigakuin University.
I wish that our team win the game!


Re: (無題)

 投稿者:158 yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)22時33分1秒
  > No.114[元記事へ]

156 Shiho さんへのお返事です。

That's great!!
I couldn't see fireworks this summer.
I wanted see it very much!


 投稿者:158 yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)22時27分59秒
  September 11

I went to USJ with my part-time job's member.
We rode many atractions and ate many foods.
I enjoyed very much.
I want to go there again with this member.


 投稿者:158 yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)22時17分2秒
  August 4~7

I went to Mie for club camp.
I belong to girls lacross club.
We practice hard every day, so I was very tired.
But I think that it was a good experience.


 投稿者:156 Shiho  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)22時02分50秒
  I have a part time job in Izakaya from this spring.
I used to job recently.
I always am tired when finish job.
Because,My part time job need vigorous staff.
However,It have made me grown up!!
I'd like to keep on this working in the furture :)

Re: kyoto

 投稿者:158 yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)21時53分22秒
  > No.108[元記事へ]


I love Kyoto , too!

I will go to Kyoto next week, so please tell me good place in Kyoto.


 投稿者:156 Shiho  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)21時47分17秒
  I went to Yodogawa fireworks display in Yodogawa with friend.
Many people visited to there.
I could see fireworks that is very amazing!!!
The fireworks were sparkling in the night sky that moved me deeply.
We said "Tamaya~~~!!!" when we see it.
I really want to visit in the future.


 投稿者:156 Shiho  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)21時25分10秒
  I went to chiba prefecture from August 21 to 26 with my tennis club members.

We had a long way to go but I enjoyed talking.

We practiced tennis every day so I got sunburn.

I was very tired becouse practice was hard and we stayed up late every day.

I had a good memory!!!!

Summer stady and training

 投稿者:Kohei Takahashi  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)16時48分38秒
  September 6-8
I went to Shodoshima with Red Cross club members.

We done BBQ、Game on the beach and made a UDON.

Ofcourse,We stadyed about Red cross knowledge.

My most enjoyed activity is drinking party at midnight.

That three days is very happyed.

drinking party

 投稿者:Kohei Takahashi  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)16時46分20秒
  September 1

I participated in My belong to Red cross club New members drinking party.

This party is all new bembes.

I made a many frends.

softball game

 投稿者:Kohei Takahashi  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)16時44分15秒
  August 8
I played softball game with Red cross club members.

My team played two games.
1st game was lost.
The other party was strong.

2nd game was lost by a narrow margin(kinsademaketa)
My team was all lost but we made team power.

Re: kyoto

 投稿者:Kohei Takahashi  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)16時42分12秒
  > No.108[元記事へ]


That's sounds good!!
I want to go to Kiyomizu temple.
I went to Toudai temple three years ago.


 投稿者:mariko  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)15時38分11秒
  August 29

I went to Kyoto with my friend.

We went and worsiped at Kiyomizu temple and we drew a lot.

The fortune I drew predicted good luck so I took it home.

After then we saw the sights of Kyoto.

There is very nice town.
I love Kyoto(///ω///)

I want to go there again.


my hometown

 投稿者:mariko  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)15時22分23秒
  August 12~22

I returned to my family home from August 12 to 22 and I met a lot of old friends of mine there.

They were not changed at all.

It made me relieved.

I enjoyed myself with them.

It was very fun!!!

I love my friends very much.

I had a good time.


Re: Universal Studio Japan

 投稿者:mariko  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)15時06分5秒
  > No.104[元記事へ]

072 Hirai Akinoriさんへのお返事です。

It sounds so fun(o^^o)
I want to go there.



 投稿者:mariko  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)15時01分0秒
  August 6

I went to a fireworks display in Yodogawa with my friend.

There had a lot of people so it was difficult for me to walk.

Because I wore yukata.

But fireworks was the most beautiful I have ever seen.

So I want to go there again.


Universal Studio Japan

 投稿者:072 Hirai Akinori  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)14時53分33秒
  In This summer,I went to USJ twice.
August 31,September 14

August 31
It was hot day.
I went there with my high school friends.
I rode "Harry Wood Dream" four times.
I had a good time!

September 14
It was hot day too(T_T)
I went there with my high school friends too.
In USJ,"Halloween Party" is holded.
It was great!!

Re: could you tell me the way to the station?

 投稿者:mariko  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)14時44分19秒
  > No.101[元記事へ]

127 Iwagamiさんへのお返事です。

I envy you!
I have never gone USJ.
So I want to go there(o^^o)


Re: could you tell me the way to the station?

 投稿者:072 Hirai Akinori  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)14時28分19秒
  127 Iwagamiさんへのお返事です。

I went to USJ in this summer too!

Shall we go to USJ after school?


could you tell me the way to the station?

 投稿者:127 Iwagami  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)10時59分42秒
  Hi everyone !!  How are you ?
Oh very good!! Me? I'm fine too thannk you...( ̄▽ ̄)/

The memory of summer was so much that I couldn't choice.
But I selected carefully.

September 9
I went to “Movie world”
Oops sorry. “Horrywood”

No! I went to “Universal Studios Japan”
It was ordinary days so there was not crowded.
We rode almost all atractions.

And I met a dinosaur on my wey to "JAWS".
First of all, I defeated the dinosaur by japanese DEKOPIN.
The dinosaur said "gaoooooo(+o+)"

Ok! The joke is over!!

We had a very very good time in USJ anyway!
I want to go there again.

And I'm at loss whether to buy a passport for the year or not.
Give me advice somebody.

Thank you for your reading !


 投稿者:127 Iwagami  投稿日:2011年 9月17日(土)09時50分14秒
  > No.99[元記事へ]

047 gukki~さんへのお返事です。

wo wo wo~  wo wo wo wo wo~ ♪

It was fantastic!! (like moril..)
I really thought whether you are Lady Gaga.

I would like to see your model show once!


 投稿者:047 gukki~  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)23時22分39秒
  September 12..
The hairshow was hold in Kyoto.
I took part in it as a model.
The theme was “Fantasy”.
I looked like LADY GAGA !
I was nervous but I enjoyed the stage.
I had a good time !


 投稿者:047 gukki~  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)22時47分55秒
  August 25..
I went to Kyoto with my friend at old school.
Kyoto is beautiful place.
First,we got experience “Maiko”!
Next,we ate “Maccha”.
It was very delicious.
We love Kyoto!


 投稿者:047 gukki~  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)22時41分46秒
  August 3th..
I went to the sea with my friends.
There is beautiful beach!
We enjoyed a BBQ and played volleyball in the beach.
We were so exciting!

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:163shimo  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)19時56分25秒
  > No.95[元記事へ]

135 tanaka yukiさんへのお返事です。

That is great!
I do not get driver's license.
I want to get it in winter vacation!


 投稿者:135 tanaka yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)10時10分6秒
  September 5th

I got driver's license in Shiga.

Driving is very interesting!!

I want to my car someday and go to drive to various places.

Re: sweets

 投稿者:135 tanaka yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)10時02分30秒
  0149 horiuchi chikaさんへのお返事です。

I like sweets too.

It sounds delicious!!


 投稿者:0149 horiuchi chika  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)01時14分49秒
  Yesterday I felt like eating cheesecake.

So I brought cheese and cooked it.

It was very delicious!

I often cook sweets. Next I want to cook chocolate tart.


 投稿者:0149 horiuchi chika  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)01時13分46秒
  > No.91[元記事へ]


I heve been to Oizumiryokuchi to play baseball games.

When I also went to here,it was very hot.


 投稿者:163shimo  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)00時52分0秒
  September 15

I berbecued with my friend at Oizumiryokuchi.
I arrived late as usual because I overslept.

I was tired because it was hot.
But meat was very delicious!

I had not seen them for a long time, so I enjoyed talking them!


 投稿者:163shimo  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)00時38分23秒
  From August 22 to 27,I went to KAGOSHIMA for photo club activity.
KAGOSIMA is the home of SHIROKUMA.
This shaved ice tasted soft.
After that I ate DORAGON FRUIT,too.
This tasted so-so.

I taked a lot of picture, and I spend a good time.

Re: berbecue

 投稿者:163shimo  投稿日:2011年 9月16日(金)00時30分23秒
  > No.88[元記事へ]

192 takahashi maiさんへのお返事です。

I berbecued with my friend too!
I did not swimming ,but Ispended a good time.
Next time, I want to berbecued with this class!


 投稿者:192 takahashi mai  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)23時38分21秒
  July 31

I berbecued with my high school friends at Yoshino river.
We enjoyed swimming to river becouse this day is hot.
And we had a watermelon bust.
I was romping around after long time.
I was tired. And I sleeped very well after getting home. I spend a happy time.



 投稿者:192 takahashi m  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)23時37分10秒
  > No.86[元記事へ]

167 shotaさんへのお返事です。

It sounds good.
I had a berbecue too.


 投稿者:167 shota  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)23時26分31秒
  September 10
I hold BBQ in Yodogawa.
The member was part time job's stuff.
We ate a lot of food.
We had a good time.
Someday we will BBQ again.


 投稿者:192 takahashi mai  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)23時13分47秒
  August 16

I went to Kyoto with my friends.
We ate mattya parfait in there.Then we worsiped at Kiyomizu temple.
After all, Kyoto is lined with neat rows of stores and houses.
So I love Kyoto ♪


birthday suprise ♪

 投稿者:192 takahashi m  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)22時53分0秒
  August 25

I hold a my high school teacher's birthday party with my friends at old school.
We had planned in cooperation with an other teacher.
The plan succeeded.My teacher were all happyed.And we were glad to see it.


Re: (無題)

 投稿者:192 takahashi mai  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)22時45分15秒
  > No.82[元記事へ]

0149 horiuchi chikaさんへのお返事です。

You glad to meeting your friend after a long time.
You have a good time !!


 投稿者:0149 horiuchi chika  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)22時34分22秒
  September 12

I went to see my friend in shinsaibashi.

We have known each other since we were high school student.

We had lunch and bought clothes!!!

We had a good time!!!.


 投稿者:0149 horiuchi chika  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)22時33分10秒
  > No.80[元記事へ]


I like cooking too.

But I like eating more.(..:)


 投稿者:068shinjyo  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)22時20分37秒
  Today is last summer vacation.

Recentry,I become enthusiastic about cooking.
Today`s lunch ,I bought ingredients and I cooked okonomiyaki with friends.
That was very delicious!!

I want to cook more.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:068shinjyo  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)22時06分22秒
  > No.78[元記事へ]


Take care of yourself.

I must  be carefull,too.

To become energetic and meet us.


 投稿者:146mitsuoka  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)19時58分5秒
  I'm in the hospital since September 12
because I have become sick.
The name is chicken pox.
I'm going to be in the hospital for about one week.
I'm very free now.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:146mitsuoka  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)19時50分47秒
  Tanine Daisukeさんへのお返事です。

It sounds good.
I love her too.


 投稿者:Tanine Daisuke  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)17時18分55秒
  I watched 「 Kamisamano karute」with my friend in September .
Because I love Miyazaki Aoi.
The movie was very good.
I cried a little .



 投稿者:Tanine Daisuke  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)17時07分49秒
  I went to hukui in August .
There  is a local of my friend .
My friend 's mother is very  kind .
And her cooking is very tasty.
I going to go to there in next winter .

Re: koshien

 投稿者:Tanine Daisuke  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)16時59分38秒

I want to go to kosien too.
I am interested in baseball .


 投稿者:146mitsuoka  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)13時05分49秒
  August 15
I went to the koshien to see high-school baseball.
The game which I looked at was very interesting.
It was the large inversion from the last inning.
It excited me very much.
When I noticed, it was aiding together with the nearby unknown person.
It had a good day.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:146mitsuoka  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)12時46分2秒
  tanaka ryutaさんへのお返事です。

I haven't ever gone to Australia.
I would like to go there.  


 投稿者:tanaka ryuta  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)12時05分4秒
  I went to  Australia.
Purpose is sigtseeing.

I was exciting.
I thought everything seemed new to me.

I hadn't studyed about Australian culture.


 投稿者:135 tanaka yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)11時39分46秒
  September 8th

I went to Hirakata Park to swim with my friends.
Hirakata Park has pool but the pool was lttle cold.
So we left there about two hours.
After that we went to eat lunch and did bowling.
I enjoyed the day.
I want to go to sea next year.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:135 tanaka yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)11時12分47秒
  026 kobayashi  kana.さんへのお返事です。

If you're in Osaka, wouldn't you be able to meet your friends in Shizuoka easily?
You might be able to meet your friends.

school festival

 投稿者:167 shota  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)11時07分33秒
  September 9

I went to old school.
I recall commuting this high school.
I met high school's friends again.
School's festival bring me back old memories.
It was a nice day


 投稿者:026 kobayashi kana.  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)01時37分38秒
  August 10~22th in Shizuoka.
Shizuoka is local of me.
I went my grandmother's house.
And,I met a lot of friends of my high school days.
It was very fun!
It is pleasure that I go to Shizuoka at winter vacation.

Played with my friends

 投稿者:062matsu  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)01時22分57秒
  Yesterday, I played with my friends in Tennouji.

I met my friends after a long time.
We went to some game centers.
When we were high school students, we often played together.
I would like to play with them again.

Re: Fishing

 投稿者:026 kobayashi kana.  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)01時19分21秒

It sounds good!
I haven't went fishing.
but, It seems to be pleasant.


 投稿者:062matsu  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)01時07分40秒
  From September 10 to 11,I went fishing to Kobe with my club activity members.

We left for our distination at 10:00 pm.
My friend and I couldn't sleep, because it was too hot.
So we stayed up all night.

Next day,we enjoyed fishing very much!
I fished about 10 fish.
I was happy, but I was very tired, because it was too hotter than the day before.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:062matsu  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)00時42分25秒
  > No.60[元記事へ]

tanaka ryutaさんへのお返事です。

I went to Driving school during summer vacation too.

Driving is very difficult,but it is interesting.
I want to get early my driver's license too.


 投稿者:058sakurai minori  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)00時32分14秒
  September 9 and 10,
I went to the camp with my friends.

We ate the BBQ,played badminton, played athletic.

We talked and played cards all night.

On the second day,we went "Nankinmachi ".
I ate "Syoronpou ""ra-men""gomadango"‥‥etc

It was good two days.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:058sakurai minori  投稿日:2011年 9月15日(木)00時30分16秒
  tanaka ryutaさんへのお返事です。

I go to driving school.

I would like to drive well.

Lets do it best each other.


 投稿者:tanaka ryuta  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)23時49分30秒

I went to HIRAKATA DRIVING SCHOOL during summer vacation.

I firrt drove on the street, I was very nervous.

I would like to get early my driver's permit.


 投稿者:078 tajima sakurako  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)22時36分2秒
  I love to see the movies.
In this summer vacation , I went to see three movies.

First, I saw "kokurikozaka kara" of the studio jiburi film.
I love jiburi films.
I continue to see this series every year.
It is love story.
This story is clam and kind.

Second, "Harry Potter".
The story is being showed serially.
This film is last work of the series.
I looked forward to seeing this work since last year.
I am sad this series are the end.
It was the best work in this series.
As being 3D movie, it excited me.

Third "kamisama no karute".
The hero of this story is doctor.
He is a warm-hearted doctor.
I was impressed by the love of a husband and wife.

I came across wonderful movies in this summer vacation.
I want to see more movies.

The event that I was surprised at most in summer vacation.

 投稿者:177 Ito  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)22時31分37秒
  My hobby is playing the guitar.
My favorite guitarist
is Tomoyasu Hotei.
He often plays the guitar of a special sound with DM-3(DM-3 is tool that affect a guitar sound).

I want to play the guitar of the same sound.
But,DM-3 is very expensive !! The price is 20000~30000yen.

However,I found the same sound.It is VD-400,the price was 1500yen!
This is very cool !!

The person who playing the electric guitar
please try it !!



 投稿者:177 Ito  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)22時18分19秒
  110namba yukiさんへのお返事です。

It Sounds good !!

I dislike a roller coaster too.

Because I dislike the high place.



 投稿者:078 tajima sakurako  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)22時07分53秒
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110namba yukiさんへのお返事です。

I went to USJ too!
Halloween decorations is very wonderful and funny.

I rode a rollcoaster many times.

I will be fun Christmas decoratons too!


 投稿者:110namba yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)21時48分52秒
  Today,I went to USJ with my club member.
Today was few people.

At 10 a.m,we met station.

After that we rode atraction until 13 p.m.

I could'nt ride rollcoaster because I hate speedy atraction.

But I enjoyed much.

This was my best memory of the last of summer vacation.


 投稿者:110namba yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)21時46分35秒

That sounds good!

I went to USJ too!!

I was very tired.
So I was surprised at your day.


 投稿者:068shinjyo  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)17時05分20秒
  I wented to USJ with friends yesterday.
Yesterday is very hot.
but,we enjyoied a whole day.
And,I`ll stay at my house yesterday night.
we wented to bed at AM 6:00.

I felt one day long.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:068shinjyo  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)16時56分17秒
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135 tanaka yukiさんへのお返事です。

I `m envious of you,because I live alone in Osaka.
I also wanted to meet my local friends.
I think to retern Kagawa early.


 投稿者:135 tanaka yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)13時50分24秒
  August 18th

I barbecued with my high school friends at beach in Lake Biwa.
We ate BBQ and swam in Lake Biwa.
After that we went to karaoke.
The day was a lot of fun and dear that I could meet my high school friends after a long time.
I want to them again.

went to sea and pool

 投稿者:167 shota  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)13時22分55秒
  August 19

I went to Suma with the local friends.But the wether was too bad and the sea was rough!! So we moved to Spapoo.We enjoyed swimming in the pool. After the pool,we went to spa and sauna bath.It was great.I would like to go there again.

Re: high school classmates

 投稿者:135 tanaka yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)13時17分57秒
  078 tajima sakurakoさんへのお返事です。

I like to do bowling very much.

I want to go bowling with English class someday.

I hope that it exceeds your high score at that time.

high school classmates

 投稿者:078 tajima sakurako  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)11時25分14秒
  August 17th , I went to do bowling with my high school friends.
We have seen them since high school graduation.

We enjoyed 5games.
The day of my high score was 126.
My best score is 138.
I wanted to get higher score.

After doing bowling,we had a dinner at restaurant.
We had a good time reminiscing and taking about each university life.

I thought I had more good time.

I felt I wanted to be friends all the time.
I want to see them again.

Re: went to the sea

 投稿者:078 tajima sakurako  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)10時57分27秒
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How painful you are!

I went to the sea too.
Swimming is good feelings.

I didn’t get a suntan,because I applied sunscreen to my skin.

went to the sea

 投稿者:146mitsuoka  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)09時24分14秒
  August  10
I went to the sea.
The weather was very fine when I was swimming.
I enjoyed swimming there.
But I got a suntan and it pains me for a several days.
I regretted that didn't apply sunscreen cream.

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:146mitsuoka  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)09時13分45秒
  kobayashi  kana.さんへのお返事です。

It sounds good.
I haven't gone to Gifu.
I also like going shopping.


 投稿者:kobayashi kana.  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)00時53分36秒
  August 5~7th in Gifu.
I went to stay with my friend.
The surroundings of the my friends house were the country.
So,We watched DVD at home and went shopping to Nagoya.
Moreover, it were to my friend's university.
It was very interesting.

We seldom went out.
but,we laughted at a lot every day.
So,we were very pleasant for us.

Re: my grandmother

 投稿者:kobayashi kana.  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)00時39分2秒
  tajima sakurakoさんへのお返事です。

It sound good.

I did't have go to Kyushu.
but, I will go to there someday.

I would like to go to meet my grandmother.

my grandmother

 投稿者:tajima sakurako  投稿日:2011年 9月14日(水)00時22分36秒
  I went to my grandmother’s home in Miyazaki from August 18th to 22nd.
I saw her after a long time.

We cooked dinner every evening.
For example , carry and rice and fried chicken etc.

We went shopping with my mother , sister and aunt.
I bought clothes and a bag.
We had a good time.

I love my grandmother.
I want to meet her.
I am going to go to Miyazaki soon.


Re: happy birthday

 投稿者:tajima sakurako  投稿日:2011年 9月13日(火)23時54分47秒
返信・引用 編集済
  058sakurai minoriさんへのお返事です。

How happy your birthday party is !

Your friends are very kind and smart.

Birthday excited us every year.
Happy birthday to Minori!

happy birthday

 投稿者:058sakurai minori  投稿日:2011年 9月13日(火)23時30分16秒
  August 28 is my birthday.

August 27,my friends held my birthday party.

We talked by having eating a lot,had a good time.

And when a date changed on 28th,my friends gave me birthday cake.
I was surprised.
I was very happy.

It was a very happy birthday!!

Re: tennis circle

 投稿者:058sakurai minori  投稿日:2011年 9月13日(火)23時28分9秒
  110namba yukiさんへのお返事です。

It sounds good!

Especially "Tousouchu" seams to be fun.

I would like to play it too.

tennis circle

 投稿者:110namba yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月13日(火)22時55分10秒
  On August 25~27th,
I participated in a training camp with circle member.

On the first day,we played tennis 2 hours.
It was confortable because there was in the mountain.

On the second day,we played tantei and tousouchu in the morning.
We playd tennis in the afternoon.
I did the best all.

On the third day,we went sea.
I was floating all 2 hours.

Its 3 days happened in an instant.

Re: My Part Time Job Ⅱ

 投稿者:110namba yuki  投稿日:2011年 9月13日(火)22時54分3秒
  177 Itoさんへのお返事です。

It was so terrible!!

I worked part time job everyday too.

I wish you will have a good day next summer vacation.

My Part Time Job Ⅱ

 投稿者:177 Ito  投稿日:2011年 9月13日(火)22時26分35秒
  Today,I worked part-time job at
The contents of the jobis maintenance of shot put court and making soccer court.

The job started at 8:00 and finished at 17:00.
So,I was very tired.
I work part time job
on both September 14th  and 15th. This summer  vacation had only a part time job.(ToT)

Re: (無題)

 投稿者:177 Ito  投稿日:2011年 9月13日(火)22時22分53秒
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kobayashi  kana.さんへのお返事です。

It sounds Good!!

Is saitama arena big?
Saitama Super Arena is very famous arena.

my favorite artists held concert there too.

So, I want to go to there once !